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First Shoot of the Year!

After taking a much needed break for the holidays, I was thrilled to get back to work. Normally I'm a behind-the-camera creeper, but I made an exception for my friend Tim Nennig's new feature film, Black Grove.

Sheriff Higgins is hot on the trail of a witch coven in his small town when he runs afoul of some dark magic. When I knew that more witches were needed for the epic conclusion, I wanted in. To top it all off, the set for this shoot was the amazing, full-size replica of Stonehenge in Maryhill, WA.

Dropping our debut album shortly. Fellow witches Nika, Maria, Madi & myself

I was so thrilled with everything about this shoot! The weather worked with us, the location looked amazing and I met a few more rad folks that I am looking forward to working with again soon! We even found time to shoot some 8mm footage for a music video. The film is set for release in April/May 2019.

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